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Related article: Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 08:49:09 EST From: Subject: Celebrity/Boybands/Cheating Game/1I thought I'd put this out, whether it's good or not. I was up late contemplating why school sucks, and why I preteen nipple pictures managed to throw my time trials for swim team after practicing three hours a day since the beginning of time.Gorgio, a character from this story, is a real nn preteen freegalleries life person (my boyfriend) and he is exactly as he is portrayed. Yes, he is Greek and lives in Italy, and yes, he is the age he is in the story, about eight years my senior (twenty six), but I'm still in high school.Please e-mail me what you think. Or just to talk. My love life is pretty fucked up these days, and I welcome anyone with similar symptoms. Life is just cruel sometimes.gking0301aol.comDISCLAIMER: The events which take place in this story are completely fictional and should not be compared to or considered reality. All references to NSYNC and/or members is complete conjecture. All attributes to their personality and actions should be considered hypothetical.Flashbacks start and end with ( ----- )The Cheating Game (1)The moon shone down on the harbour brightly, the halo of light surrounded the street lights. The stars peered down from the heavens, their faint light pouring into the street. On a barge moored at the far side, festive lights were strung and the sweet preteens nudist faint noises of drunken singing and the dancing wafted on the night air. The houses were clustered up the hill, balanced precariously on the cliffs. They rose higher and higher, their somber stoney fronts lent an almost foreboding look to the tiny italian city. The waves washed into the harbor bringing with them the faint scent of fresh sea air and the breeze rattled the dried seaweed stalks along the tideline. Foaming up toward the cobbled street, the surf receded again, tumbling a conch shell over and over in its nn preteen pantyhose salty embrace.Joshua Scott Chasez sat on a bench, his eyes shut and his hair blowing softly in the night breeze. His hand was slung casually over the corner of the bench, and his face showed a dark five o'clock shadow. Breathing out, he shifted against the man sitting next to him. He was moderately tall standing just shy of six feet. His hair was dark and curly and his eyes were bright silver, the color of steel. His shoulders were wide and built and his torso tapered to a thin and defined waist. He had unbuttoned his shirt down to the last two buttons at the bottom, and his defined stomach muscles twitched visible as JC's hand played across the taut muscle. His lips moved slightly and inaudibly, but JC laughed, throaty and quiet, understanding the unspoken signs of his lover.The waves washed up to the bench and foamed, wetting JC's toes. He pulled back and his lover laughed softly, watching JC wiggle his wet feet around. Turning to face each other, JC moved in slowly and pressed his lips against the man's, his face tipped slightly, his bright blue eyes smouldering behind shut lids. Smelling nn preteen pantyhose the harshly masculine smell of Armani cologne mix with the seductive strong smell of aftershave, JC opened his mouth further, letting his lover's tounge invade his mouth, searching the most private corners. "Gorgio," JC whispered softly, his sweaty hand gripping some of the coarse dark curls, feeling their dampness. "I love you so much."Standing up slowly, Gorgio picked up his shoes from beside the bench and pulled JC along with him. "Come mon amore, let's get inside before storm comes."JC sat up and brushed the sand from his pants, squeezing Gorgio's hand tightly. They walked together up the cobbled stone paths, rumbling thunder in the distance announcing the coming of yet another storm. Forcing the old wooden door open, Gorgio pushed it back on its hinges until it groaned protestingly. Slamming it behind him, he pushed JC up against a wall in one swift movement and jammed his tounge down JC's throat, peeling his shirt and tee-shirt off skillfuly, leting them drop to the floor. JC laughed through the kiss, tasting the cool hints of wine mixed with chocolate and coffee. Breaking from their embrace, JC moved to the couch, pushing the books aside and lightning a candle. The sharp staccatto beat on the roof announced the gentle rain coursing through the graying sky. Outside asia preteen bbs the lamplight flickered as the sheets of rain swept up the high cliffs. The candle danced in an unseen small gust of wind through the house and its shadow on the wall danced.JC turned to look at Gorgio, coming in from the kitchen, a bottle of cappucino liquor in his hand, his shirt undone. The tanned mediterranean hued skin glowed its rich dark color in the faint light, and JC's eyes roamed from the beautiful eyes to the curly dark hair and strong powerful muscles. "You are so fucking sexy," JC said smiling."I know," he replied, his low voice laced with accent. "I brought drink," he finished holding up the bottle.JC smiled and lay back on the couch, feeling his sweaty skin sticking to the fine grained leather. Gorgio moved toward JC and sat next to him on the couch, their gazes locked on one another, neither moving, nor talking. Gorgio smashed the bottle neck on the corner of the coffee table and pushed JC to lie down preteen cumshot pics on the couch. Putting his hand against the jagged neck, he brought the bottle up to head height and drizzled the liquor across the couch and JC. Dark amber drops sprayed and pooled inbetween the defined ridges of JC's pecs and ab muscles. Putting the bottle down, Gorgio moved his head down, his tounge darting out to lick the sticky liquid from JC's chest. Closing his eyes, JC brought a hand to his lover's head, grabbing his hair roughly and moving his lips across his chest, feeling the warm sensations. Grabbing JC's shoulders, Gorgio shed his shirt and moved on top of JC, feeling their warm skin touch at last."Make love to me," JC whispered quietly, smiling up at Gorgio."Italians know love," he said proudly, his perfect lined white teeth glinting. "I love you now."*****The planes engines screamed higher and higher, the air behind the preteens videos thumbs jets becoming wavy with the intense heat. JC sat next to the window, his CD player and earphones in his lap, the safety card in front of him. The retractable video screens dropped down from the ceiling and a flight attendant began to dictate safety procedures in first english and then italian. The plane began to move slowly down the runway, the engines beginning their low rumbling. Wiping a tear from his eye, JC coughed and pulled his seatbelt tight. His hair was messy and unstyled and his shirt was rumpled. Underneath, nymphets pedo preteen the remains of the liquor, saliva, and cum were dried on his chest, the scent of cologne thick on his skin. He inhaled slowly, the smells making his mind race and turning his pants into a confining cloth prison. Adjusting himself inconspicuously, he lay back and closed his eyes as the plane banked and gained more altitude, Rome spread out like a many fingered palm below.Pulling his wallet from his pocket, JC pulled out a scrap of creased paper and studied it. Smiling, he traced the perfect cursive letters, the words from their first date Gorgio had given him. He remembered that night at the preteen nudity com preteens videos thumbs hotel room in New York City. It had been a bitter cold winter, the winter of ninety six. JC had been young, na^ve, oblivious sandra preteen gallery to the harshness of the world, the realities, the agony and pain the real outside had to offer. Stumbling across Gorgio, two years older preteen girl links than him, JC had instantly trusted the man, latching on to preteen piss pics him with the hopes of a perfect future. And it had been.Gorgio Lucent was perfect. Gorgio was a gorgeous man in every respect. He was honest, caring, fair and even-tempered. Physically, he was twice as breathtaking. He was beautiful in the kind of way that doesn't take magazine clippings, carefully styled hair, makeup, and perfect clothes. Coming out of the bathroom the first day they made love in boxer shorts and a gray tanktop, JC had smiled black horny preteens from the bed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Even with stubble growing on his chin, messy hair, and barely any clothes on, he was as simply beautiful as he always was.Not knowing what love was like, JC was drawn into the world of rosepetals, chocolate syrup, nude preteen brides fine dining, and romantic movies. In a whirlwind, JC and Gorgio's romance had flown out of control taking on what would be worthy of a romantic movie. JC flew to Italy at any chance he could, and he was never surprised to find Gorgio on his doorstep holding a boquet of white roses and a bottle of wine from his home town.As the plane jerked slightly, JC bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly, trying to block the date out of his mind. But it was altogether too real. December 29th, 1999. Lapsing into flashback, he recalled that chapter in history nude preteen cock that had almost torn them apart, that had almost killed him. Literally.-----Gorgio stepped from the plane, the snowflakes flying wildly in the sky, the sun just dipping below the horizon. Walking across the slippery ice to the ground level entrance to the terminal, he stopped and looked into the sky. Dark gray clouds seemed to be attempting preteen swimsuite models to touch the ground and the pinks and oranges of the setting sun were barely visible between the snow and the clouds. Reaching the door, he clutched his bag to him protectively and climbed the stairs up to the terminal. Loosening the scarf around his neck, he breathed out in annoyance as he emerged into the throngs of post-holiday travellers. Pushing through small groups of people, he sat down on a bench, looking up and down the long terminal hallways. His cell phone rang and he pulled it from his pocket, pulling the mouthpiece down. "Yes?"He smiled as he heard the voice come through the line, warm and deep, comforting and familiar. "He wop, whats going on?"Gorgio dug through his carryon back and pulled his laptop from its pocket. "Wop yourself white trash American bastard," he spit back spitefully. "When do I get to see you?""Anytime you want," was the quick reply. "I like your jacket."Gorgio scanned the crowd. "I don't see you," he said slowly."That's because I'm not there," JC said softly. "And I know I like your jacket because it's mine. The black one with the silver lining, isn't it?"Gorgio smiled and looked down. "Got me again Joshua," he said, the laughter dancing in his voice. "So where are you?""I'm just entering the airport, give me ten minutes," JC said, the faint sounds of automobile horns audible over the phone. "You'll have to hold me back from raping you in the airport, I'm so horny baby.""They'll be plenty of time for that," Gorgio replied. "I'll talk to you later."He switched his phone off and replaced it in the bag. Opening the top of his computer, he watched the red blip come closer and closer. Typing quickly, he entered the coordinates in, the computer accepting them with an electronic tone. Data flashed across the screen, and he copied and pasted them quickly to e-mail. Checking his watch, he closed his computer and replaced it in the bag.Sighing, he waited, unbuttoning the coat and leaning back on the bench.*****Pulling the black mask over his dark brown hair, the silent figure stretched the material before letting it snap into place, covering his features, only his bright smouldering blue eyes shone into the darkness. Picking up the black backpack on the ground next to him, he shouldered it and glanced up at the building.With catlike agility, he scrambled up the side, his gloved fingers finding tiny crevaces in the worn granite. Pushing with his legs, he made his way to the top of the building, finally putting his hand over the ledge at the top. His youthful muscles straining, he jumped over onto the roof, crouching down as a helicopter passed low overhead. Moving quickly, he unzipped his photo lesbians preteens backpack and sex pedo preteen lined the contents out on the roof. Selecting four metal boxes and a length of galvanized steel roping, he walked to the edge. The wind whipped around him, holwing into the canyon between the skyscrapers.Securing one end of the roping to a metal grate, preteen nudity com he placed the four metal boxes into a smaller pack and stood, his head bowed watching the ground thirty stories below. Cars pulled erratically through the Seattle streets, their blaring horns were muted from the distance up. Closing his eyes, he let his body fall forward and plunge through the frigid air. Coming to a perfect stop eighteen stories below, he grabbed the edge of the building with a gloved hand, steadying himself.Opening the pack, he removed the four boxes, placing them on the four screws which held the plate glass window to its frame on the building. Flicking the four switches into the on position, he watched with silent satisfaction as the asia preteen bbs window noiselesly slid outward, leaving a two foot gap between the window and the building. Slithering through, he put his foot onto the table inside, his eyes roving around the room. Pointing his watch at the green security panel at the corner of the room, he watched as the colored switches flickered and died.Pulling his other leg through, he slid from the table to the floor, quickly looking both ways as he approached daddy preteen pussy the hallway. Sliding along the wall, he gave the same treatment to two other security cameras on the way, and finally, his hand slowly opened the door. The room was darkened, but the city lights pouring through the windows illuminated the study dimly. Walking to the far wall, he looked as the diamonds glittered in their glass case. Smiling, he pointed his watch at the small black box at the bottom of the case and the green power light died.He quickly opened the top of the case, grabbing the glittering contents and shoving them into a small black cloth bag. Reaching in his bag, he placed two plastic rings inside, and shut the case. Once again, he pointed his watch at the black box and the green preteen porn passes light flickered back to life.The man walked calmly out of the study and into the living room, stepping back onto the table. Reattaching the security cable, he replaced the window and gathered the metal boxes back into his pack. With the same ease as before, his shadowy figure climbed back up the builidng to the roof. Collecting his preteen blowjob free materials, he zipped his back and pulled off his gloves. Stripping out of his one piece nylon suit, he revealed cargo shorts and a long sleeve tee-shirt.Pulling the mask from his face, he sighed and ran a hand through his sweaty locks. Stuffing the clothing into the backpack, he shouldered it and disappeared into the night.At street level, a strikingly handsome brunette walked from the building, a satisfied smile playing at his lips. He looked both ways, checked his watch, and set off down the street, opening the door of a black acura and pulling away from the curb.*****JC strode into the airport terminal, his face slightly flushed. He checked a small piece of paper and preteen nipple pictures turned toward terminal B. He walked quickly down the carpeted hallway, stopping short of the gate. He preteen blowjob free was sitting there on the gate, his smile as beautiful as ever. His form fitting black sweater made his rippling muscles visible, his powerful steely gaze falling on JC. "Gio," he said and enveloped the man into his arms, pressing his nose against his neck. "The smell, God I've missed that smell."Gorgio smiled sexy pre teens grimly and detached himself from JC. "Not here. For your sake Josh, for you."JC nodded, but his brilliant smile was still visible. "Let's go back to the hotel, I've got a surprise for you."Gorgio nodded and picked up his bags. "As I you," he murmered quietly.The black Acura pulled from the parking lot in a flurry of snow and ice.*****The heavy steel door opened slowly, the only light from the faint glow emitting from the skylight stories above. Slipping noiselessly across the tiled floor, the silent figure began his dance. Legs elegantly moving, arms crossing a beautiful perfectly rehearsed dance, he moved with catlike agility across the room, the unseen lasers cutting across the room. Finally reaching the far end, the figure jumped upwards, expertly bending his body, his gloved hands finding minute cracks in the walls. Hoisting himself up to the second floor balcony, he carefully set his back down and crouched out of view behind the railing.With catlike agility, he jumped to his feet, sumersaulting over a small chasm, the walls and windows dropping a dizzying fifty stories down to the street. Pausing on the other side, he turned and faced the wall. His bright sapphire eyes glinted in pleasure as he walked calmly across to the cabinet and rounded the familiar corner, as layed out from careful planning and blueprinting of the building. He looked up, and froze.There he stood, his beautiful gray eyes hard and unforgiving, his perfect muscles hidden by a gray shirt, dark gray pants, a khaki coat and black shoes. nn preteen freegalleries "JC," he said calmly, quietly. "Joshua Scott Chasez, put your hands up now." The gun materialized from the dark folds inside his coat.JC felt the cold steely edge of fear creep into his body. "Jesus Gio, what's going on?""I will kill you JC, unless you put your hands up," Gorgio continued wordlessly."God Gorgio, what are you doing? How, how can you, did you?" JC stuttered, almost disbelieving the sight of his passionate lover in front of him, holding a gun. "I love you so much, you can't kill me.""JC, I'm warning you," he said, his hands trembling. "These diamonds, they are my buisness. My gang. My cut in this is for me, I'm sorry the paths of our professional lives had to cross, I'm sorry we had to end like this."JC shook his head, clearing his mind. "You, you steal too?"Gorgio nodded. "I'm part of a corporation larger than you can imagine JC. Leave and never talk to me or about me again, or stay and I will shoot you. I have no choice Joshua, this is a side of me you haven't seen, a side I was hoping to hide from you."JC moved closer to Gorgio, so close he could extreme nude preteen feel the warmth radiating from Gorgio's body. "I might as well die Gorgio, If I can't have you then I don't want to live. This, this is bullshit. It's all about money, but you, you're my life and soul."Gorgio's eyes narrowed. "I will count Chasez, if you're not gone by the time I stop counting, I will shoot you.""Three.""Gorgio, listen to me," JC said frantically. "I, I love you, you have to understand, I'll do anything for you, just let me be with you, just one more day.""Two.""God, one more day as lovers and you can kill me. I promise. Just let me have one more day with you, I need you.""One."JC fumbled in his pocket and brought forth a small scrap of paper. "Look Gorgio, it's the letter, the letter from the hotel on our first date. I always keep this next to my heart, reminding me of what I live for. You wrote this to me, you wrote that you'd love me into eternity, you told me that we'd be together even after death. Kill me now and I'll wait for you, I'll wait until the day when we can be together again."JC paused, his eyes void of tears, but reddened african preteens pics and bloodshot. "I will love you as much no matter what."The gun discharge was quick, and a small amount of smoke dissipated into the surrounding air. The crack hung in the silence afterward and Gorgio's head bent preteen swimsuite models in silence, dejected agonizing silence. The gun fell to the floor with a clatter, and his bright silver eyes became wet with tears. Dropping several magazines to the floor, he bent on his knee and crossed his hand over his heart."Mio Dios, I tried," he said softly.The burned scorched floor and chipped bits of marble and bullet topsites preteen models fragments smouldered soundlessly. Standing up, Gorgio averted his eyes to the ground. "Joshua, I tried to kill you, I did."JC stood transfixed on the floor, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. He wordlessly walked forward and pulled his boyfriend into an embrace, their heads resting on one another's shoulders. Outside, the snow fell in soft sheets blanketing the city. But inside, they stood next to the safe, the diamonds glittering beautifully against their black velvet background, forgotten.This was love, this was them.*****The sea was quiet and blue, serene and void of any movement. Almost unearthly silence hung in the air, and no breeze whipped across the expanse. The sun was just coming up, rising in the far east in its blazing splendour casting its dancing rays on the mirror calm. The boat rocked softly, the decks quiet, a seagull perched on a preteen cumshot pics deck chair. The water was crystal clear and deep, multicolored fishes darted in and out of the coral beneath the shummering surface. Gorgio sat at the foredeck preteen toplists aex in jeans and a gray sweater, his eyes blending in to match the flecked gray of the material. He looked out into the ocean, his foot dangling from the railing. He was quiet and his expression was vacant, like a screen displaying nothing, void and silent.JC came to sit by him, wrapping his arms around his lover, kissing his neck. Gorgio's face came to life quickly, his smile revealing the same breathtaking white teeth and his eye sparkled. "Good morning mon amore," he said, his voice thickly accented in the early morning, not yet accustomed to speaking yet.JC passed Gorgio a cup of strong black coffee. "I'm nervous, he preteen girl links said quickly, the words tumbling out of his mouth. "I would never go sailing for anyone else."Gorgio laughed, wrapping his arm around JC's strong back, pulling him in close. "I could swim to the coast form here," he said softly into JC's ear. "If we sink, I'll swim with you all the way to shore, I promise I won't let you drown."JC nodded and sat down on a black horny preteens deck chair. The perching gull jolted awake and flew into the cloudless sky in a flury of downy feathers and outraged noise. Gorgio grinned. "Upsetting everything everywhere Joshua, you need to practice being elegant, difnified, like me."JC smiled back. "You are so perfect Gorgio. Never loose your cool, do you?"Gorgio shook his head, pulling his sweater over his head revealing his perfectly sculpted body, a sight JC grew familiar with, but nevertheless fascinated by. Looking like a greek adonis, he stood up and walked over to JC, sitting down on his lap. "I never do loose my cool.""Except when I have my dick up your ass."Gorgio kissed JC on the lips, tasting the sweetness of his mouth and the strong tang of the coffee. "That is the one time I do loose my cool," he said. "But I am happy to loose it then."JC exhaled asian preteens fashion breifly and he unconciously began to trail his hands over Gorgio's defined stomach muscles, his long fingers playing across the taut skin, the masculine lines and cuves sexy pre teens of Gorgio's body like a visual aphrodisiac. "I would have killed you, you know," Gorgio began quietly, his voice reserved. "But preteens videos thumbs I loved you too much, I knew that even before I saw you, I knew I wouldn't be able to do that."JC nodded and rubbed Gorgio's back softly."If you had walked away from me, I would have used the gun on myself," he continued quietly. "If you walked away like I didn't mean anything to you, I would kill myself then and there." The thick accent was back as the emotion rushed into his voice, his words catching in his throat. "I wasn't prepared for you, for what you did. For what you told me.""You and me, we are not safe now, not after that night," Gorgio said, his hands playing with JC's hair, twisting it into tight curls like his own. "We are on a death list now."JC nodded and kissed a powerful bicep, feeling the muscle twitch beneath the skin. "If you die, I daddy preteen pussy die.""As you say," Gorgio replied. "No longer can I live without you, your voice, your smell, your taste, your body."JC shivered as Gorgio kissed him on the lips. He felt Gorgio's hands creeping inside his shirt, pinching and pulled the skin, the fingers running down and down, further and further."God," JC gasped as Gorgio's hands grasped the sizeable bulge building in his pants.Gorgio smiled and knelt down at JC's feet, undoing his lover's belt buckle. He moved forward and ground his face into JC's crotch, feeling the warmth and hardness encased inside the thick material. JC got up and lifted Gorgio to his feet. Their lips mashed against each other as their tounges dueled together. Falling to the deck, Gorgio ripped JC's shirt open, his mouth instantly seeking the warm flesh.-----JC closed his mental book, sighing in relief that the craziness and paranoia surrounding their true occupations and the quick unseen enemies they had made didn't tear them apart. The plane jerked again, and JC brought out his stress ball.*****Joey Fatone stopped outside the hotel room and fished in his pocket for the key. Pulling out a wrinkled gum wrapper, a movie rental card, a mini pocket flashlight, and a few crumpled bits of paper, he cursed and let the scraps float to the floor. Shivering, he felt his wet swimsuit hug his thighs and the cold air-conditioned blast on his water-speckled skin. He jiggled the doorknob a little, just to make sure, and found it securely locked. "JC?" he called through the door, pressing his face up to the peephole, quickly realizing that being able to see inside from the outside would defeat the whole purpose.Sighing, he dropped his towel and bag to the floor and wrapped his arms around his chest, his teeth beginning to chatter. "JC, open up, wake up, whatever, just get out of bed and open the door.""Joey?"Joey turned around and smiled, seeing JC walk up behind him. "Hey Joey, loose your key?"Joey shrugged and picked his towel up, rubbing his hands together vigorously. "Nope, just, um, getting ready, I mean, waiting," he said in between shivers.JC ran his card through the slot and waited until the black horny preteens light turned green. "You should really stop leaving these down by the pool," he said pulling another card key from his pocket and handing it to Joey. "It was sheer chance that I took the back door and walked by the pool. I saw this key and your necklace," he said pulling the chain from his pocket, "and figured you would probably miss them at some point."Joey looked ruefully at the ground and grabbed the silver chain from JC quickly. "Thanks Jo," he said softly.JC shrugged and ushered Joey inside. Noting the shivering, he quickly flicked the air conditioner off and the hotel room was plunged into silence. "So, what you doing model preteens nude tonight?" JC asked pulling his wallet and keys from his pocket and arranging them carefully on top of the television.Joey hung his towel on the rack and stepped out of his swimsuit. "Nothing, I think I'll just catch a movie."JC nodded and looked away as Joey turned around, pulling his boxers on. "Jesus Jo, it's not like I care if you see me or not, I mean, it's viewer discretion, but it won't kill you."JC shot Joey a pained smile and brought a hand to his eyes. "Sorry, but once I look, it'll haunt me for the rest of my life."Joey pulled on a pair of track pants and shook his head spraying water droplets at JC who stepped back. "Hey, at least you haven't seen Chris naked," Joey said drying his hair. "That'll really haunt you.""So yeah, I'm just going to preteen dance watch a movie or something, just pop a bag of million-calorie microwave popcorn and veg. I really don't want to go clubbing tonight, too much noise and the atmosphere makes me nauseous," Joey said pulling on a sleeveless tee-shirt and running a hand through his water-darkened locks. "Anyways, I'm exhausted and I definitely don't have enough energy to do any extreme physical activities tonight."JC sat down on the bed and lay down, putting his hands behind his head. "Sounds like a great party, wish I could make it."Joey shrugged. "You want to stay here with me? I mean, we could rock this place with me, myself I, and well, you," he said smiling. "And a bedroom gets lonely." Joey winked at JC suggestively and thrust his pelvis out slightly.JC closed his eyes and made a face. asia preteen bbs "Good lord Joey, when you put it that way, I guess asian preteen nonude I have no choice but to stay here. Your sexual drive is insatiable, and hey, we'll try. I mean, what are friends for?"Joey laughed and shoved his suitcase back against the wall, wrestling with the zipper. "We can stay up late sexy preteens boys and swap manly stories." He paused as JC cocked his head to one side. "And in the morning, I'm makin' waffles."JC groaned. "God Joe, if it isn't Superman, why does it have to be Shrek?"Joey shrugged and threw his wet swimsuit in the direction of JC's head.*****"You didn't kill the dragon?""It's on my to-do list."Joey paused the movie and looked over at JC. "Alright, spill it shit for brains."JC looked taken aback for a second and looked at Joey, his eyes puzzled. "What is it?""What the fuck is eating you?"JC sighed and ran a hand through his tangled hair. "Nothing.""Bull fucking shit," Joey said spitefully. "It's Gorgio."JC let out another louder sigh and looked at Joey, his eyes dull topsites preteen models and his fatigue evident. "No, I love him, we're fine. He tried to kill me, but I understand."Joey looked at JC, slightly taken aback. "Sure bro, your lover tries to kill you, but it's really handy dandy that you understand," he said, making quotation marks in the air around understand. "I just don't get you buddy, you're one fucked up guy."JC sighed and leaned his head back against the bed. free clips preteen "I know. I'd be a lot calmer and happier now if half of Italy wasn't trying to kill me."Joey laughed. "Now that's a good one Jayce, that's a good one." He paused and cocked his head. "You are joking, right man?"JC shook his head. "But it's over. I love him so much, I would do anything for him. In any other situation, I would consider that much emotional attachment to be very dangerous."Joey nodded vigorously. "I think sweet preteens nudist you've got that right.""But Gorgio would never do anything to hurt me, I feel more secure with him than I do anyone else," JC finished. "He's my soulmate."Joey nodded again. He pulled a bag nymphets pedo preteen from the closest bed. "More microwave popcorn?"*****Good? Bad? Continued? Write.
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